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NOTE: This adoption contract is to be filled out AFTER submission of adoption application.


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I , (Print Name) agree by checking each statement that I have read and agree to the following statements. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask prior to checking the box.

I wish to adopt (name of dog) from UPWARD DOG RESCUE and agree to the following terms. Please read and check all boxes to indicate your agreement and understanding of each terms of this Contract:

 I agree to provide my dog with a loving and warm environment where he or she will be treated as part of the family. I agree to provide premium pet food, shelter, clean water, love and exercise.

 I agree to have my dog wear an identification-bearing collar at all times.

 I agree to have my dog on a leash whenever he or she is beyond the boundaries of his or her residence or an acceptable free roam area, such as a dog park.

 I agree to ensure my dog will never be subject to cruel or inhumane treatment by me or anyone that he or she interacts with. This pet will not be used for any illegal purpose including, without limitation, fighting or baiting. Violation of this provision will result in a report being made to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

 I agree that UPWARD DOG RESCUE reserves the right to periodically follow-up on my dog and his or her environment. I agree to a prompt and honest response.

 I intend to take full responsibility, and provide regular and recommended veterinary care, including vaccinations and flea prevention for my dog throughout the remainder of his or her natural life. In the event I become unable to properly care for my dog, I will notify UPWARD DOG RESCUE.

 I agree not to transfer ownership of my dog to someone else unless prior consent is given by UPWARD DOG RESCUE. I agree not to give my dog away for free or surrender my dog to any animal shelter / rescue (unless UPWARD DOG RESCUE is unable to accept dog back). If I am no longer able to keep my dog, I will contact UPWARD DOG RESCUE.

 I agree to notify UPWARD DOG RESCUE if my dog becomes lost or stolen.

 Although UPWARD DOG RESCUE has disclosed the best information presently available to it regarding my dog's breed, age, health, habits and temperament, it disclaims all warranties, express and implied, regarding these matters. UPWARD DOG RESCUE encourages me to promptly obtain a veterinary exam, at my own expense, for my adopted pet.

 I understand that my new pet may not be housebroken and could have behavioral issues that UPWARD DOG RESCUE was not aware of. I am willing to work on this matter in any way necessary by means of training myself or seeking an outside trainer before giving up on the pet and returning to UPWARD DOG RESCUE.

 GENERAL RELEASE: I hereby release, and waive any and all claims against UPWARD DOG RESCUE and its directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers from any and all claims and liabilities, whether known or unknown, excepting only my rights as expressly set herein.

 I understand that there will be no refund of my adoption fee of $150 under any circumstances.

 By signing below, I agree and understand that I am entering a binding contract with UPWARD DOG RESCUE that is enforceable by law. I further agree and understand that a violation of any provision of this contract constitutes a breach and that UPWARD DOG RESCUE reserves all rights and remedies available under California law to enforce the terms of this contract.

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