Foster to Adopt Agreeement

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The foster to adopt home will not change the dog’s name until the adoption is finalized.

Foster dogs remain the property of Upward Dog Rescue during the foster to adopt period and until the adoption is finalized.

Foster dog is not to be chained outside or on an outside tie-out at anytime. If necessary, a crate will be provided by Upward Dog Rescue.

Foster dog is not to be transported in the back of an open truck at any time.

Foster dog is not to be given to any other party, or for any reason be transported to another home unless approved by Upward Dog Rescue.

A foster dog will never be allowed to remain outside throughout the night, or kept outside during adverse weather conditions.

Upward Dog Rescue does not warrant any dog regarding medical status, behavior, disposition or temperament.

If a foster dog is stolen or lost, foster must immediately notify Upward Dog Rescue at (858)345-2434 or via email at

The foster is encouraged to provide basic training, reinforcement of proper house manners and/or obedience training.

Upward Dog Rescue will pay for routine medical care as needed. Any veterinary expense beyond routine care must be pre-approved by Upward Dog Rescue. Any unapproved vet expenses, short of an emergency, will be the responsibility of the foster home.

If any provision of this agreement is or becomes unenforceable, or void by force or operation of law, the other provisions shall remain in effect, valid and enforceable.

I have read and understand this agreement. By checking the box and typing by name below, I agree to the terms and conditions. I affirm I have never been charged with animal cruelty.


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