Fosters are key to our success as an organization. Because we do not have a central facility, we can only save as many dogs as we have fosters to care for them.  Although we are fortunate to work with organizations that provide discount boarding, we simply cannot keep dogs in boarding for extended amounts of time.

Giving a pet a short-term home is an emotionally rewarding experience.  We started this rescue because we enjoyed fostering dogs so much, and helping them find their forever families.

Upward Dog Rescue will pay for all veterinary expenses for dogs in foster care, and dogs will be provided with a collar, nametag, leash, and if needed, a crate or dog bed. If a foster is unable to financially pay for food, food can be provided.

If you sign up to become a foster, we will work with you to save a dog that will fit with your living situation and activity level.  To get started, fill out our foster application or contact us today.

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