Owner Surrenders

Unfortunately, we cannot accept aggressive dogs, dogs with severe fear aggression, or dogs with a bite history into our rescue as an owner surrender.

Our primary goal is to save dogs who have been rejected or abandoned by their owners, and who are in shelters where their future is uncertain due to overcrowding. However, we will consider an owner relinquished dog if two conditions are met: 1) We meet the dog and they pass a behavioral assessment 2) A donation of $1,000 is made to our organization to help us care for the dog, and the others in our rescue, while we search for their new home. To discuss this option, contact us for more information.

If you are considering surrendering your dog due to behavior issues or problems, we encourage you to work with your dog with a trainer or behaviorist.We recommend Legends Dog Training.

Because we do not have a central kennel or boarding facility, all of our dogs are privately fostered.  Depending on availablility, we may be able to help keep your dog out of the shelters and in a private foster home.  

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